Alice in Wonderland Decorative Spoon Display
Phantom of the Opera
Wizard of Oz Flower Pot

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Thumbprintz was originally created by two friends, Elisha Sherman and Lee Taylor, solely as an online store through selling “functional art”, a relatively new term in the art world where everyday items such as shelves, tables, and chairs are turned into works of art. I plan to expand on my own into the local market through museums and galleries producing fine art. The name Thumbprntz came into being while working on my art I would be up to my elbows in paint, ink and glue, inevitably leaving a fingerprint on my new creations. Thumbprintz’s products are handmade items using store bought and “up/recycled” materials turning ordinary household items into functional art. Most materials are bought from second-hand stores to keep overhead low and profits high.  I often stumble across items that just need a little thumbprintz’s touch. I hope to recycle unwanted goods from yard sales, flea markets, and yes the unwanted that are thrown away, and create a work of art from them and give them a new life. Each product is an elaborate collage, and every design is truly one-of-a-kind and if you look closely will see a thumbprint on it!